Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

What is LinkTIME Smart Community mobile application?

LinkTIME is designed to help the community users from the same residential community or neighbourhood to incorporate today technology into their community with the goal of enhancing the enjoyment of daily life by providing services that bring conveniences and platforms for a better sense of community.

What are the main features of LinkTIME?

There are 8 main features:

  • News

You can easily access to the general information or notices released by your community management and receive a personal notice directly from the management. You can also help to improve your community by submitting feedback to the management.

  • Wall

Get yourself connected and interact with other residents of the community by sharing thoughts in text or photos and commenting or liking their sharing on the wall.

  • SOS

Contact your closet with necessary information provided within seconds in case of emergency in which you can put up to five persons in your emergency contact.

  • Intercom

Get yourself in touch with other residents in your community and other users of the app. The feature supports video or voice intercom, sending messages or pictures and location sharing.

  • CCTV

Watching the CCTVs at certain common areas of your community in real time over the app.

  • Door Access

You can manage the access cards of your unit by locking and unlocking them whenever necessary and monitor the in and out records of your access cards. You can also use the mobile app to invite guests to your house or visit a friend. The whole visitor registration process is very much easier and hassle-free as each account is tied to a unique QR code which can be used for the visitor registration.

  • Facilities

Book a facility in your community without stepping out from your door and view your upcoming and past booking records anytime.

  • Directory

Exploring the stores around your community and search for your desired stores easily with categorised directory. You can find details like phone and address of a particular store in the app and get direction to the store easily as the app can be linked to your GPS navigation app.

Is it free to use LinkTIME mobile application?

LinkTIME is a free of charge mobile application, you don’t have to pay for registering and using the app.

What is a community?

A community is normally a residential area or neighbourhood including apartments and condominiums. Each community must be managed by the residential management company that is registered with LinkTIME.


What are the information needed to create an account?

You will need to create a username and provide your valid mobile phone number (verification required), email address, and password when creating an account.

What is a verification code?

After filling in your mobile phone number, click on the “Get Verification Code” button and you will receive a SMS containing the verification code, enter the verification code in the designated field. This is make sure that you have provided your own valid mobile phone number as each account is tied to a mobile phone number.

Do I need to agree the terms of the user agreements?

Yes. The user agreements is a written document of the terms and conditions relating to your usage of LinkTIME.

Why do I need to key in my Identity Card (MyKad) information?

You Identity Card (MyKad) information is needed when using the pre-appointment feature which you speed up the visitor registration process when you visit a friend. However, MyKad information registration is an optional step at this stage so you may also do it later whenever necessary.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

You will need to reset your password. Click on the “Forgot Password?” button at the bottom of the Sign In page, enter your mobile phone number and click on the “Get Verification Code” button. After enter the verification code you received via SMS, enter and confirm your new password to reset your password.

Owner Verification

How do I get verified as owner?

Your residential management company will give you a verification code when you are registered as resident with them. To get yourself verified as a property owner, simply key in the code given in the owner verification page together with your full name and address.

How do I search for my community for owner verification?

You can either search your community by name or use the built in location-based services (LBS) to locate the community of your current location.

Can I get myself verified as owner if the residential management company is yet to register with LinkTIME?

No, only residents from the community that has been registered with LinkTIME can be verified as owner. However, you can continue using the Apps as guest.

Can I get verified as owner for more than one community at the same time?

Yes, one user can be verified as owner for up to three property ownerships at the same time from the same or different communities. However, users can only login as one property owner at one time. Users can switch to log in as different property owners at “Community” page under “Settings”.


Who is responsible of putting up the general news in a community?

The management of your residential management company is responsible of putting up the news in your community. The news can be an announcement to the residents, a topic for discussion or an event the management would like to publicise. Users from the community can comment and like the news put up by the management.

Who can view the content in the “News” page?

All verified owners in a community can view the content of the “General” tab in “News” page. However, “Personal Notices” are messages from the community management to individual user and only the respective user can view it.

What is the feedback I can give in “News” page?

You can submit feedback on anything regarding the community. Your precious feedbacks can help the management of your community to improve their management and your community in general.

Why do I see advertisements at the banner of the “News” page?

The community management and LinkTIME admin do not own the advertisement. The advertisement banner space is meant to introduce LinkTIME users with good deals around their residential community. Clicking one the banner might bring you to the external website for more details of the deals advertised.


Who can view my post on the LinkTIME wall of my community?

Only the users from the same community as you can view your post on the wall. Whoever can view the post will be able to like and comment too.

How do I know that there is someone commented or liked my post?

You will get notification for each of the comment and like on your post. The notification will appear on the top of the wall page.

If I do not want to post a comment publicly, how do I contact the post owner?

Clicking on the name of the post owner will link you to his/her profile page where you can message him/her privately using LinkTIME intercom function. Besides, long-press the name of the post owner will pop-up a shortcut key window where you can make voice or video intercom.

Why do I see advertisement feeds between wall posts?

The community management and LinkTIME admin do not own the advertisement. The advertisement feeds are meant to introduce LinkTIME users with good deals around their residential community. Clicking one the advertisement feeds might bring you to the external website for more details of the deals advertised.


What will happen when I click on the SOS panic button?

When the panic button is pressed, your location information and emergency alert will be sent to your emergency contact via LinkTIME app. Besides, the emergency information will be sent and recorded at the back-end server.

Who will be in my emergency contact?

Your emergency contact can be any LinkTIME user who is your friend on the app, they can be your family members or your closest friends.

How many people can I set as my emergency contact?

You can set up to five emergency contacts and edit your emergency contacts at any time.

Do I have to choose to always enable GPS for this SOS feature?

Yes, the panic button will only work when the GPS is enabled as the location information will be sent out whenever the panic button is pressed.

What is the function of the snap photo button in SOS page?

The snap photo function allows you to snap a photo in case of emergency and send it your friends seeking for help or assistance.

What is the function of the test button in SOS page?

The button is a testing button for the panic button, your emergency contact will be alerted that it is just a testing and the emergency information will not be sent and recorded at the back-end server.


Why there are three categories in the contact list?

Assigning contacts into different categories enables you to find your contacts faster. The first category is the list of all the residents in your community and also management office contact, you will find your friend contacts appear at the top of the list. My friends category is the compilation of contacts that you have added each other as friend. Whereas Phonebook category imports contacts of all the LinkTIME users from your phonebook.

Can I send message and start a voice or video intercom with anyone in my contact list?

You can only send message and make a voice or video intercom with somebody whom you have added a friend at LinkTIME app.

How can I add someone as friend at LinkTIME app?

There is an “Add” button next to each contact that you haven’t added as friend. After clicking the Add button, it will bring you to a page where you can leave a message to be sent together with the friend request and you can create an alias to the contact which is like a nickname or remark for the contact. After the friend request had been sent, the contact status will change to “Request sent”. Once your friend accepts your friend request, it will show the contact status as “Added” and you can start contacting your friend using the LinkTIME intercom function.

How do I voice or video intercom a contact?

If you are at the contact page, long press the contact and a pop-up window will appear and you will see the intercom options. If you are at the chat history page of a particular contact, the voice and video intercom buttons are located at the bottom of the page.

Is it free to use LinkTIME intercom function?

LinkTIME uses your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to send and receive messages and make voice or video intercom to your friends and family. You do not have to pay for every message and intercom made. As long as you have not exceeded your date limit or you are connected to a free Wi-Fi network, your carrier should not charge you extra for using LinkTIME intercom function.

Other than text messages, what other data can I send via LinkTIME intercom?

You can send a photo to your friends in the intercom chatroom. The photo can be selected from your gallery or taken instantly. Besides, you can also share your current location to your friend in the intercom chatroom.

Can I block a user from sending me message and making voice or video intercom with you?

Yes, the block user button can be found at the profile of each user. You can also find the block button in the pop-up window that appears when you long-press the name of a user.

Can I switch a video intercom to a voice intercom?

Yes, you can switch from a video intercom to voice intercom by turning the camera off.


What are the CCTVs that I can view over the LinkTIME app?

The CCTVs that you can view are to be set by your community management. They will be CCTVs at the common areas of your community; for example, the lobby.

Can I choose which CCTVs to view on the LinkTIME app?

Yes, from the assigned CCTVs by the community management, you can choose to view only certain CCTVs which you find them useful for you. You can do the settings at the CCTV Settings page by clicking on the button at the top right corner of the CCTV main page.

Can I view the CCTV full screen?

Yes, simply tap on the CCTV to view it in full screen mode.

How many CCTVs can I view on one single page?

You can choose to view either one or four CCTVs per page, swipe to left to view more CCTVs in your list.

Is there a playback function for the CCTVs?

Playback function is not available at the moment, it only supports real time viewing for security monitoring purposes.


Is it all the facilities in my community can be booked using LinkTIME app facilities function?

It depends on your community management. The management will decide the facilities that are available for booking using the LinkTIME app.

What are the details needed to book a facility?

You will only need to select the facility name, date and time for your booking.

Do I get any confirmation for the facility booked?

The completed booking will appear in your My Bookings page, clicking on list will show you the details of your booking and the telephone number of the facility (if any).

How do I know that a facility is not available for booking or fully booked?

In the page facility booking page, it will only show the available date and time for booking. When there is no time to be selected for a particular date, it means that the facility is fully booked on that day.

How can I share the booking details to my family and friends?

There is a share function button at the booking details page located at the top right corner of the page for all the upcoming bookings. You can share the booking details via LinkTIME app, SMS, WeChat or WhatsApp.

Door Access

In what situation do I need to use the locking access card function?

Locking access card function enables you to lock any of your access cards for a period of time or until you unlock it. You might need to lock your access card when you lose your access card and locking your access card can avoid anyone who gets the lost access card to have access to your unit. Besides, you can also lock your access cards when you are away for a vacation or business trip and to make sure your unit is seamlessly guarded and protected.

How do I differentiate the access cards in the in and out records?

Other than time, date and gate, the record also shows the card number of the access card.

Why do I need to do Identity Card (MyKad) information registration before using the pre-appointment feature?

MyKad information registration will shorten the visitor registration process when you are visiting a friend or your friends are visiting you. With the MyKad information registered, the security officers will only need to verify the visitor identity before grant him/her access to the residence and no personal details need to be taken.

Who can I send visitation request to using LinkTIME apps?

You can send the visitation request to any LinkTIME user whom you have added as friend at LinkTIME app.

Can I reject a visitation request sent to me?

Yes, you can always choose to accept or reject a visitation request sent to you. A visitation will only be valid when the owner accept the visitation request.

What are the information needed when filling up a form for visitation request using LinkTIME app?

After registered your MyKad information, you only need to fill in your full name (as in your MyKad) and your mobile phone number. Besides, you can also provide your email address and vehicle plate number for a complete record and if you are driving. There is also message field for you to write a message to the friend that you are going to visit which you may include the purpose of your visitation or any memo that you would like to deliver to the owner.

Who can I invite as guest to my house using LinkTIME app?

You can invite anyone with a mobile phone number as guest. The guest can either be a LinkTIME user or not. However, the process will be much simpler if the guest is also a LinkTIME user and you friend at LinkTIME as you do not need to fill in the personal details of the guest and invitation will be automatically sent to them via LinkTIME app. As for non-LinkTIME users, you will be need to enter their basic details manually and the invitation can be sent to them via SMS, WeChat and WhatsApp.

What are the details do I need to provide when I want to invite guest(s) to my house?

You only need to provide the event name, date and time and select your guest(s) from your previous guest lists, previous visitors or LinkTIME friends.

What is the difference between “previous guest lists”, “previous visitors” and “Friends”?

Previous guest lists is the guest lists of your previous invitations or events, this feature helps you to select the same group of people you would like to invite without having to select them one by one. Previous visitors list will show all your previous visitors according to date, this feature helps you to find your recent visitors or frequent visitors easier. Whereas friends list will show all the friends in your LinkTIME contact.

Can I invite multiple guests at once?

Yes, you can invite multiple guests for a single event. The guests can be selected your LinkTIME friend list or enter their details manually if they are not in your LinkTIME friend list.

How can I resend the invitation if my guests do not receive the invitation?

All completed invitation will appear in your appointments list and each invitation will be marked as upcoming or past event. For all the upcoming event, there is a share button where you can share the invitation to the guests again via LinkTIME app, SMS, WeChat or WhatsApp.

When do I need to use the contractor/season pass feature under pre-appointment?

This feature facilitates the arrangement for your contractor where they might need to visit your house more than once for a period of time for a renovation or project. The contractor can use the same invitation pass or QR code given for each of their visit within the period set by you.

What are the details do I need to provide when registering the pre-appointment of a contractor?

You will need to provide the company name and their contact number. Besides, you can also provide their e-mail address as a record and there is also remarks field if there is any special remark you would like to inform the management and security officer.

What do “My Visits” and “My Guests” under “Appointments” refers to?

My Visits refer to your visitation or appointment to others’ house; whereas My Guests refers to your guests who had visited or are going to visit your house.


Why do I see advertisements at the banner of the “Directory” page?

The community management and LinkTIME admin do not own the advertisement. The advertisement banner space is meant to introduce LinkTIME users with good deals around their residential community. Clicking one the banner might bring you to the external website for more details of the deals advertised.

How does the stores information being arranged in the directory?

The stores information is being categorised according to their business type and in each of the categories, the stores are arranged according to their distance to the community which is convenient for the residents to find a particular service or store nearby.

What are the information I can get from the store details page?

From the store details page, you can get the basic information like name, address, telephone number and location map of the stores and also some pictures for you to know more about services and products provided by the stores.

How do I get direction to the stores using my GPS navigation app?

You can just simply click on the location map and it will link to your GPS navigation app which will direct you to the store location.

How do I share or recommend the store information which I found it relevant and interesting to someone else?

There is a share button on the top right corner of the store details page. After clicking on the share button, you can choose to share the store information via WeChat, WhatsApp or even post it at your own LinkTIME wall.